Clyso Enterprise Storage

Clyso Enterprise Storage (CES) is an enterprise-grade storage system that optimizes costs and time-to-market by utilizing free and open source software.  It enables organizations to modernize and scale up the storage infrastructure for their IT platforms.
With CES, you’ll leverage Clyso’s world leading experience in Ceph operations and performance. CES is software defined storage, powered by open-source Ceph technology, offering a flexible and massively scalable object, block, and file storage via a single unified system.

CES - The Simple Choice!

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Why choose CES?

Fully Supported

CES is a fully supported enterprise-grade Ceph product, ready to run out-of-the-box.

Tobias Fischer | Clyso GmbH
Tobias Fischer

Our products are used by our most ardent critics – ourselves.

CES is powered by Ceph Technology

Unified Storage

Delivers an integrated platform that combines block, object, and file storage from a single cluster. This enables efficient management of all your data, significantly reduces expenses, and aids your customers in handling their rapidly increasing data volumes.


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