The biggest challenge in cloud computing comes from the high degree of dynamism and the resulting complexity. We fully understand that you need investment security. Which system makes sense? For today and tomorrow?

You get the necessary clarity from us. PaaS and IaaS from us come with maximum power. And we can create an enterprise architecture for you that has the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, is always up-to-date, offers the shortest time to market and provides the best scalability. 

Success needs a system

Remya Kannoth

Think you can change the world with just two lines of code? Forget it!

The right technologies for sure

Whether you’re looking for a complete architecture or individual elements, we’ll take your system to the next level. Slim thanks to CEPH. Smart thanks to K8S. Independent thanks to Multi Cloud.

Multi Cloud



Garden Linux

Open Stack

What we do

Create 15 exabytes of backup space to back up 5 exabytes of main storage.

Equivalent to 671,088,640 MacBooks, assuming 16 GB of main memory each.


Security is secure with us.  
So is every other aspect.

  • Data security
  • Cyber security
  • Backup
  • Performance
  • Scalability

We are an active member of

Linux Foundation
ceph foundation
Cloud native