We are united

I founded the company in 2010 because I was flashed by the possibilities of open source and saw infinite potential in cloud solutions.

Joаchim Krаftmayer

Yes, it is Rocket Science. We are rocket scientists. Each a true expert in his or her field. We are united by our enthusiasm for technology, which we use to transform our customers and make them fit for the future. We are convinced of the possibilities of open source, but open minded towards good solutions. We like to work in detail, and at the same time we always see the big picture. That is very important.

We are often further ahead than our customers.
That obliges us to show them potential and the best solution - not the next best thing.

That requires a "no" from time to time.

Fame and glamour are not us at all. We are happy when we ourselves are proud of our joint solutions. Then they are the best ones anyway.

How is Clyso

We'd rather be honest than famous. Our customers have to put up with that.



We love testing boundaries and breaking new ground. We prefer to do this together. As a unit of individuals. We value the exchange among ourselves. We ask each other for our expertise. Simply enjoy working together at the highest level. And on Tuesdays, we meet for a laugh in the office.

Open Source is the spirit that unites us

Open source is never free. It costs us commitment. We are active in the open source community, using and sharing code and ideas because it moves everyone forward. We support the important conferences with sponsoring and presentations. And those who work for us have to get up on stage from time to time.

Social engagement